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I will not treat Nigerians equally – Buhari (Shocking!)


If you think Buhari will treat every Nigerian equally, maybe this short video clip which was recorded in one of his question and answer sessions of his visit to the United States may make you think otherwise. During his acceptance speech on May 29 this year, he said, ” I belong to everybody and to nobody.” Everyone celebrated this words of his. Is Buhari taking back his words? Has some political or northern lobbyist convinced him to do otherwise ? Is this why in his recent appointments, almost 99.9% of those appointed are from the northern part of Nigeria ? Time will tell us more. If ever Muhammadu Buhari does continue with this mentality, surely he is bound to fail. Surely he will not be the messiah we expected. Though some states might not have voted for him enmasse, but being the president of Nigeria, he should seek to unite every part of the country both those that voted for him and those that did not. This is the only way his leadership will be exceptional and one of its type in Nigeria. If he has been politically advised to do what he just said in this video clip, I pray and wish somebody he can listen to would talk him out of it.

I really hope the readers of this article won’t think I am biased with my statements here. I love Buhari as a person and more as Nigerian president. I do really want him to succeed. This is why I am concerned personally with this statement. A good government shouldn’t be seen to be divisive. He should be all inclusive irrespective of your divide. If at all he will love to favour those who voted for him more, as a thank you gift to them, he should be subtle about it. I expected more class and intelligence from him.

In his speech in the video below, he seemed to have spoken from both side of his mouth. Watch it carefully and meticulously and tell us what you think. Am I wrong ?

Watch the shocking statement here:

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11 Comments on I will not treat Nigerians equally – Buhari (Shocking!)

  1. it's only God can save this nation from the hands of the evil one. as this government God deliver us. what else do we wait to hear? where I gained 5%votes I will give them 5% compensation


  2. Buhari is from the north. He has shown it by his recent appointments.Anybody can be annoyed when the truth is said.We want to see how he will pay the few that voted for him in the areas that he lost to the opposition or he may punish everybody in such are


  3. the problem wth nigerians is that they abor the truth,particulary if it concern his kingsmen,Government that doesnt want challenge wll fail.


  4. Just buhari is like democracy. Is a man of the people's by the people's for the different peoples and differents ethic groups amount the nation. Not anly one part of the country is not his policy or his character.

    Abdul sani

  5. Hello Makpane, please read my reply to Stephen. It is long but you people deserve to get some things clarified. Aeroberry is an unbiased website formed for the good of Nigeria, her government and her people. We do not criticise because we like to but because we want a change, we want a better way of doing and saying things from our leaders.

  6. Thanks for your comment Stephen, the writer is Aeroberry. We feel with you if you feel strongly about our post. But we are just doing our work. You may disagree with our post which is fine because you are entitled to your own opinion. We are a neutral body. We are not biased in our post. We write according to what is placed before us. We love Nigeria and write to promote what is good for Nigeria. We are in support of every government in Nigeria irrespective of where he/she may come from. When we see in any government any trace that may not be good to our beloved country, we are bound to expose it and speak against it. This is what we saw in this video. For your information, we were not the ones who recorded the video. The video is all over the internet and youtube. For us to see such and keep quiet will be paying a disservice to our beloved country. Now to the video. If you watch the video very well as i believe you did, he started by saying that a constituency during the election which gave him 97% vote cannot in all honesty in some matters be given the same treatment with others who gave him 5% percent (rephrased).He claimed that if followed by justice his first premises hold. However, the constitution and his promise can’t allow him do such. Now, as a leader of a democratic country, he was supposed not to make those premises. They were very dangerous premises. Everybody in a democratic country is free to vote for whoever they choose to vote for without fear. And after the election, any government can’t come out to say that justice demand that they will give more attention to those who voted for them more. That will be wrong and divisive and not good for our democracy. It means that during elections people will be afraid to vote for someone who may loose knowing that they will be punished by whoever wins. If it happens this way then we won’t be having a true democracy but autocracy or dictatorship in the garb of democracy.Too bad.There is no more freedom but coercion. Those who did not vote for him may have their fear and reasons why they did not vote for him. As a good government, when he gets the power, he should try to address those issues and win their heart. That does not mean he will not pay attention to those who voted massively for him. I think Buhari shot himself on the foot with his first premises. Every other thing he said later was destroyed by those premises. Now let me tell you, one can interpret him to mean that personally, he would love to treat those who voted for him better than those who did not but he cannot do that because of the constitution and a promise he made. So my brother, you may be annoyed but a government should be very careful in making his/her utterances for people can read meaning into it in ways he/she may not like. This is what is called diplomacy. We can have a debate on this. It is for the good of our country. Again we love Buhari and pray he succeeds. But we will not fail to speak out if he makes some questionable utterances and actions. That is tough love.

  7. Can the writer of this article identified himself this is just an online write up with no editors info and any contact info

  8. This headline is wrong from the answer to the question the Prasident never said ” I will not treat Nigerias equally” neither can his answer be interpret to mean that. Let every reader listen to the answer again

  9. This man is in government for less than six month and some of us are just trying to find fault with every move he makes. How many appointments has he made? Are all service chiefs & IGP Northerners? Or is the idea that if a Northener is qualified and is next in rank to be appointed he should not appoint him because he is a Northerner? I think you are overstretching that. The man said the constitution forbids that he neglects any part of the nation. There are monthly allocations that must be given to all govt at all levels. Of course it is expected that those that voted for him should at least feel the impact of his government more,that should not be contested.

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