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Drones made in Nigeria by Nigerians : video

Drones made in Nigeria

By Rev Fr Gabriel Ezenwa (

Drones made in Nigeria by Nigerians. This is an interesting topic to write about. I am very excited to reveal this good side about Nigeria to the world. I know some people will be thinking why a Catholic priest is interested in writing about drones made in Nigeria and not concentrate in the work of God. For me it depends on what you view the work of God is. I could be involved in God’s work preaching in the Church which I do everyday. I could also be involved in God’s work extolling and promoting God’s gift in people. The later is a work of Charity. It is an act of selflessness. Moreover, doing this for the good of my beloved country Nigeria and continent Africa, is an act of patriotism.

I decide to embark on this mission because Africa is seen to be a place where only bad news emanates from. When you put on your television the news you hear about Africa is Ebola, war, political instability, poverty and many other embarrassing and disgusting news as if there is nothing good about Africa.

Coming to Nigeria, somebody told me recently that Nigerian men are known to be scammers. I was not happy about that. For me that was a false labelling of all the beautiful and good men and women of Nigeria. As a result of this misconceptions about Nigeria and Africa I have taken it upon myself to promote good news about Nigeria to promote the good image of Nigerians. I believe doing this will also promote the image of Africa.

Recently I was very happy to discover that young Nigerians could still be innovative and creative. We use to hear of UAVs which means Unmanned Aerial Vehicle as a thing mainly produced or manufactured by the Americans, Europeans or Chinese. I am proud and happy to reveal to you that we also have young Nigerians who have the technological skill and intelligence to produce such in Nigeria. Below are videos of drones made in Nigeria by Nigerians. How I wish that our government and people with money in Nigeria would encourage and financially sponsor these young men. It will be for their good and the good of our country and Africa. If these young men were able to set up a drone manufacturing company in Nigeria, do you know how many jobs it will create for our youth ? Do you know how many people it may help out of poverty ? Do  you know how many boys it may take away from the streets ? Do you know how far it may help to boost our security in Nigeria and in Africa? Today we have our major security problem in Boko Haram, if these drones are sponsored to an advanced stage, they could be employed to monitor the activities of these notorious and barbaric Boko Haram people. It could be employed to monitor the activities of criminals on our streets and roads. It could boost the economy of our country Nigeria. We have everything to gain from it. I believe it is the will of God that we help each other to grow. I believe it is the will of God that those who have the power, authority, influence and money should use them for the good of those under them and who are less privileged. This is why I think as a priest I should be involved in this – to direct and guide people in the right part according to God’s will.

Anya Ugo II Surveillance Drone

This is a drone designed and built in Nigeria by a Nigerian called Chiwetalu Teejay. According to Teejay, its components are 80% Nigerian. It is designed for surveillance. It therefore has the capability to fly very slowly as well as moving very fast. It is also designed to do aerobatics. This project when completed can be deployed for aerial mapping and surveillance. You can follow Teejay on his website And these are his contacts

Chai-Wet-Al Technologies,

No 2 Manchester Road,

PZ Area,

Zaria – Kaduna State,


email –,

Phone : +234 805 573 2908



Drone (UAV) Made By Nigerian Airforce

This is Gulma Tactical UAV (NAF 610) Flight – Flown by one of the NAF Pioneer UAV Pilots.

Gulma Tactical UAV (NAF 611) Flight – Flown by one of the NAF Pioneer UAV Pilots

Personally I am impressed with the progress made so far, I don’t know about you. As you can see, there are still lots of work to be done to develop it into a bigger drone or plane. Maybe if they can also work on the sound, and make a less noisy drone I believe it will be more effective and difficult to detect. I know they will be working on this if they have the support of the government of Nigeria and the people of Nigeria. May this good work started by our Air Force not be  thrown into the waste basket as is often the case. This project can lead to many other technological, industrial and scientific independence of our nation Nigeria.

Aghogho Ajiyen made in Nigeria drone and mini -aircraft

Nigeria today is being humiliated by some big power countries in procuring necessary ammunitions like fighter jets, armoured tanks and so on to fight Boko Haram. Now and then we here the same story repeated that United States of America blocks Nigeria from buying jets and other military equipments from South Africa, Brazil and so on. Why can’t we then look into our self and see that we can start making something for ourself. We have the brain to do this. It will take time and money to get there. But whatever time and money spent now, will be a very wise and productive investment for the nation in the future. If the government and private companies start investing in things like drones made in Nigeria, and making other military equipments in Nigeria, in the next 20 to 50 years, we could be saving billions of dollars. We won’t have to spend billions of dollars buying most of these equipments outside Nigeria. The money will be used within Nigeria to support the companies producing such equipments, and more jobs will be provided for the people of Nigeria. This is how countries grow economically. It is all about long term planning. It takes patience and well organised planning. Putting the money in the right people and places and not be ethnically or politically guided in making the economic decisions or planning.

One of the problems of Nigeria is that our politicians make economic investments ethnically and politically. It is not really wise thing to do now. It is counter productive economically. I suggest their economic investment should be based on merits. Research on what we need as a nation. Research on what we are good at making ourselves. Research on which states or people are good at making whatever they are good at. Then invest accordingly. This I believe will be more productive investment. Drones made in Nigeria should be one of the areas the government should research on now and invest accordingly. This drone technology has the capacity to be used in many other places like the aviation field.

Recently there was a crazy policy from the government to stifle the use of drones in Nigeria. That is counter productive. Anyways, it is a topic for another article. Let me focus on the topic for this article, “Drones made in Nigeria by Nigerians.”

Armstrong Bennett and Gabriel Ewarewah Unmanned Helicopter

Armstrong Bennett’s Unmanned Helicopter

For Armstrong unmanned helicopters, I am not sure if they have a lot of local components. It appears to me they bought a lot of the components outside Nigeria and all they needed to do is assemble those components. However, lets us not take away the fact that those components are not easy to assemble. They needed some technological skills and knowledge to make it fly and do some manoeuvrings which is what I want to emphasise in their case. The skills they have should be nurtured and encouraged. They have the knowledge to build a flying helicopter and unmanned one if they can be supported financially or be sent to aviation schools that will help to boost and develop their knowledge to an advanced stage. I hope somebody out there may see this and see the possible investable potentials in these men and invest in them.

I will bring you more good news from Nigeria as I see and get more. #nigeriaisblessed #greatnigeria #greatafrica

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