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Bulldog – Nollwood Movie


The Nollywood movie below Bulldog is posted by irokotv (Check their url below) in youtube and is in 4 parts. It is an interesting movie that will keep you glued to your screen until you finish all the parts. It is about Obioma who is the main person in the movie. Obioma is a known trouble maker in her community, causing mayhem wherever she goes. When she moves into the city she continues in that vein and also gets enrolled into the police force seredipitously. As an officer, she still displays her mischievous nature without repentance. Chinwetalu Agu, Eve Esen, Ken Erics. (2015)

Bulldog [Part 1]

Bulldog [Part 2]

Bulldog [Part 3]

Bulldog [Part 4]

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