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Buhari arrives U.S.A – Pictures

Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari is now in the United State where he is scheduled for a four days visit. He arrived with about Thirty entourage from Nigeria which is far less than his predecessor who travels with about one hundred people in his entourage. Buhari will be accommodated by Obama, the United States president at the iconic Blair house. With this gesture, Buhari is said to be the first Nigerian leader to be given this iconic accommodation by a United State president. According to Buhari’s spokes man Adesina, the three main key points to be discussed with Obama on this visit are security, corruption and the economy. Buhari will be discussing with Obama ways the United States can assist Nigeria in the fight against Boko Haram. He will be discussing with Obama also areas United States can assist Nigeria develop economically. Here, the issue of the complete withdrawal of buying Nigeria’s crude oil may be presented at the table. With corruption, Obama and Buhari may be strategising how United States can help Nigeria trace and recover looted funds by past Nigerian political office holders. Hopefully, something positive will come out of this visit. We keep our fingers crossed and hope it does not turn out to be a futile effort and a waste of time and resources.










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