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Best tips for choosing your wedding colour

 When it comes to color selection, it often becomes difficult or even confusing to select the best.Your choice of colour should be able to at least portay what you are celebrating and your personality.

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After choosing a wedding date and deciding on the venue, the next important decision to make is the colour scheme for the ceremony.

Your choice of colour should enhance your celebration, reflect your personality and cement together every aspect of the day.

Here are some useful tips on how to choose your wedding colour:

  • Location: The wedding venue sets the tone for your ceremony; therefore, it is necessary to pick colours that go well with space. Also, consider certain factors about the venue like drapery, upholstery and carpet, before deciding so that the colours won’t clash. Colours you choose should also depend on whether the event will be taking place indoors or outdoors.

  • Consider the season: The time of year that you are getting married also affect your choice of colour. Warm colours like orange and green, work well for the rainy season; while grey and pink somehow reflects the Harmattan season.

  • Set the mood: The type of ceremony you’re planning also plays a role in wedding colour selection. Ivory and grey go well with traditional white weddings, but you can be a little creative if you’re going for a contemporary celebration.

  • Narrow your options: With several lovely colours to choose from, it can be a little daunting to decide on the exact ones to settle for. But to make this easier for you, try narrowing down your options to just a few colours, having considered all the tips above. This will help you in making your final choice.

  • Your bouquet: What colour of flowers will you include in your bouquet. This can also help you narrow down your colour options. Remember, it is a plus for you is your bouquet blends perfectly with your wedding colour.

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