How do you know he is an husband material?

1. He calls you often and asks how your day went – He does this in a friendly manner. He doesn’t “act” it.

2. He visits you on sick bed and perhaps sleeps there with you – This implies that he is willing to accept your “ups” and your “downs” alike.

3. He loves your siblings as his own – He loves your siblings and plays with them carefreely? Haba, think about it!

4. He talks to you with respect – He doesn’t talk down on you even when you talk flippantly. He ignores without and scolds within with respect. smiley

5. He doesn’t force sex on you – He loves you so much that he won’t force anything you’re not comfortable with including premarital sex.

6. He gives you cash when you need it – He is responsible in your financial issues. He likes giving to you to the best of his capacity. He even tells you his whole salary wink. He loves you then.

7. He tells you the truth not minding how you feel. He later pets you wink – He doesn’t leave you to yourself. He scolds within but with love. He draws you back with one hand however. He doesn’t sleep with malice.

8. He talks of his future plans with you in it – He plans his future and includes you. That’s a major sign.