Shocking -:- See How Generator fumes kills 7 university students in Bayelsa, You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

Generator fumes kills 7 university students in Bayelsa

At least seven people said to be university undergraduates have died after inhaling fumes from a generator inside a music studio on Transformer Road, Ebis, in the Amarata area of Yenagoa, Bayelsa state.

The victims were working in the recording studio, which is owned by one of them identified as Akpos Reuben Braokubo, when the incident occurred on Tuesday morning, May 21.

Residents of Ebis indicated that the studio crew worked late into the night using their generators due to inadequate power supply in the state.

The victims fell asleep with the generator running inside the studio and forgot to switch it off before dozing off.

The report stated that six bodies were discovered on Tuesday morning, while one individual, found unconscious and rushed to the hospital, later passed away.

It was also revealed that most of the deceased were undergraduates from the state-owned Niger Delta University (NDU) in Amassoma, who were involved in the recording business to support their education.

At the time of the report, security operatives had cordoned off the area.

The victims’ bodies were said to have been evacuated and taken to a morgue in Yenagoa by police officials.

Friends have gone online to mourn the deceased.

Braokubo’s last post on Facebook was shared mere hours before his death. Friends have gone under the post to mourn him.

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    Kai! But as undergraduates, they should have know how dangerous CO poisoning is and never should have kept the gen right inside the studio! You only see this in a failed State because Government is unable to provide basic social amenities! RIP guys!

    Until Nigerians learn how to critically hold the government accountable irrespective of which tribe or religion is in power. Incidences like this will continue to occur everyday. God rest them

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    Nigeria happened to these youths. Again, we must be very careful and intentional in all our endeavors

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    The way death is coming, one cannot even tell how it will come. Just like that, these men are gone

    Wow, Sad News. God Help us

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    First, may their blood be upon the leaders that failed to supply electricity despite the willingness to pay. Second, we should know power generating set fumes kill faster than we think and we should endeavor to position it far to wherever we intend using it. Requiescat in pacem to the dead.

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    Our leaders dey fall our hand, God will judge them all

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