You Will Be Shocked At What His Clergy Man Said About Wives Who Must Have ‘Ashawo’ Vibes Just To Attract Their Husband (Video)

You need to have ‘ashawo’ vibes to stop your husband from cheating – Nigerian clergyman tells married women (video)

A Nigerian clergyman, Apostle Okose, has caused a stir online following his advice to married women,

In a video he posted online, the clergyman said until a woman ‘’graduates from being a wife to her husband’s side chic,” he will never stop cheating.

He said;

‘’No man needs a wife. Every man needs a side chic. Let me explain. Until you graduate from being a wife into a side chic, your husband or boyfriend will never stop cheating. You must understand that he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing. You are not a wife because you are married. You are a wife because you are found. You must understand that there are characteristics that side chics have. Ask yourself a question, why will a man leave his respectful wife and go be with a side chic who doesn’t respect him? Why will a man leave a woman who gives him peace and be with a side chic that gives him all the bills.

Men love to be with women that make them work because men are hunters. You must be a bad girl…The way you dress, you need to have swag, you need to have that touch of ashawo vibes, that touch of a prostitute vibes.”

Watch a video of him speaking below…



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    This one na lie u do like ashawo u no do like ashawo they will still cheat men na men


    I think he is saying the truth oo ladies we should do beter

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    Odi kwa egwu ooh! Ndi pastor.

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    So this ma u follow for people wey dey decive our women abi


    Gutter advice. Continue excusing the behavior of irresponsible men in the name of “men are hunters”

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    Men dont know what they what thats all

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